A breath of fresh air
for great hair on the go.
Some of the best ideas are the simplest.

You're meeting "him" for cocktails, but it's last-minute, and your hair is less than perfect.

Today's the photo shoot for the company brochure and you forgot all about it.

The list goes on and on, but the no-scissors, no-color, no-fuss solution is always the same:

Labrezza Logo
A specialty blow-dry service only from the gifted stylists at La Bella Hair Studio.

Breeze-ins always welcome!


The heart of Italian fashion and design, the city Americans call Milan embodies all that we want to do for you today. Choose this LaBrezza signature style, and breeze out our door looking absolutely bellissima.
Even if you've never been to the Italian Riviera, this is your chance to look as though you have. This deceptively casual style says fun, it says lively, it says jet-setting, and it definitely tells the world you love walks on the beach. Perhaps on the Mediterranean!
Artistic genius is everywhere in the city where Leonardo da Vinci was born, and Michelangelo's David reigns supreme. Americans call this city Florence. People who see you with this sleek smooth sophisticated look may be tempted to call you Gina or Sofia.
In the lively, lusty Southern Italian city Americans call Naples, women (and some very good-looking men!), have luxuriously curly hair. Choose this romantic look for yourself and you may walk out humming O Sole Mio.